🦷Sweet Tooth

Acts as a psychological soothe

The Sweet Tooth is a responsible person for organizing and hosting the event. He is assigned according to the Game Schedule, which you can find in a place where the game equipment is located. You can check a free spot and reserve it to become the Sweet Tooth for a particular day.

Who are you, the warrior? 😉

Anyone can be the Sweet Tooth if they agree to the following rules:

  1. He can't participate in a game he is responsible for.

  2. He should arrive at the office early to prepare for the game.

  3. He should bring the sweetness in a box with the Sweet Luck game sticker and put it in the refrigerator. So, everyone understands this is a game reward.

  4. He should create a sign with a selected game option and daily task and place it in the area where the game equipment is located.

  5. He should take the sweetness back or dispose of it at the end of the day if no one takes it.

Optionally, it is a good idea to add to a sign with a daily task a note with best wishes.

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