About the project

Sweet Luck is a dice game played in the corporate kitchen that boosts employee loyalty and increases their consumption of sweets. 😉

The "sweet luck" game's name refers to the expression "good luck". It means that you might need a bit of luck to have the opportunity to enjoy the sweet reward.

The game Sweet Luck is not only entertainment! It is a beneficial tool to increase loyalty, build a team and improve employee intuition and other personal qualities.

General rules

It is up to you what kind of sweetness it will be. It could be cheesecake, chocolate brownie or other tasty cake. Also, it could be a cookie (you will be surprised how many cookie recipes in the world). Finally, it could be just candy or chocolate bars.

The priority is the sweetness cooked by the employee or his family. Otherwise, you can buy it in the bakery or candy shop.

  1. The sweetness should be in the shared fridge with a game sticker. So, everyone understands this is a game reward.

There can be only one item per day of sweetness in the refrigerator. Everyone can take it at any time, but it will be great to complete the daily task before (an exception is the Only Donut game option).

  1. The daily task contains the occurrence of some probable event in the chosen game option. For example, the players should roll two dice and get 4 and 3 numbers in a tray. The winner is the one who riches the event first.

There should be a responsible person named Sweet Tooth. He prepares the sweetness, selects a game option, and sets up a task.

  1. No one controls the occurrence of the event. It means that everyone believes a person who achieved the goal of a task and congrats him without judgment.

There are only three attempts per day for each player. No one controls how many attempts you have made (an exception is the Home Alone game option). The game provides for the use of only 6-sided dice for all game options.

  1. Everyone can take the sweetness without completing the task. Again, everyone congratulates him without judgment, but it means that no one can participate further.

What's the point of playing in this case? - Ask you about item 4.

So, the main idea is that everyone can make decisions with an awareness of the consequences.

  1. We are for cleanliness in the kitchen. So, if no one has taken the sweetness within the day, the Sweet Tooth should dispose of it.

Game options

There are five options for the Sweet Luck game with funny slogans:

Historically, the Double Crumble game variant is the most common for all cases, as the idea of the Sweet Luck game was initially based on its rules. That fact doesn't mean the other options are inadequate. Vice versa, other options became an indispensable addition after a psychological assessment.


The game Sweet Luck was invented by Nikita Shliakov, also known as profinch, on July 7, 2023 with only one intention: to make the world a little bit better.

If you have any questions or wishes, you could use the following contacts:

P.S. The game needs a designer to find beauty! 🙏🏻

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