2️⃣Double Crumble

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Special condition

  • Players use two classic 6-sided dice.

  • Single players are required.

  • Teams are possible but not required.

  • In the refrigerator should be a sweetness that can be divided into at least two pieces.


Double Crumble is the main game option that allows both teams and single players to participate using two classic 6-sided dice. The players should roll a specific combination of numbers chosen by the Sweet Tooth. Once this is achieved, the task is considered completed.

Once the daily task goal is achieved, a single player can take only one piece of the sweetness, but teams can take all the pieces at their discretion.


  1. The goal is to roll the numbers 2 and 5 (order doesn't matter). Have a nice day!

  2. The goal is to roll the numbers 4 and 1 (order matters). Have a good mood, dude!

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